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1 More Reason Vinyl > Than Digital

Okay, I realize that most of my readers don’t need any more convincing… Vinyl records are a beautiful thing. I am mostly writing this for those that may happen upon this post after a Google search or something. That said, those of you who are already sold on vinyl might like this post as one more justification for your vinyl love.

What is this additional reason I am writing about? Cover art. There, I said it. Well... I wrote it.

Cover art, gatefold goodness, the album sleeve behind the scenes photos - these are things that digital music just can’t compete with. Yes, I’ve seen the digital purchases that come with a PDF with additional content. However, it just doesn’t work. Vinyl records can, and often are, frameable works of art. Vinyl records have amazing artwork and photography on their covers and it comes in a handy 12” x 12” size perfect to caress (yes I meant that), display, frame and spend hours admiring.

Vinyl records are art and a digital version of iconic covers just doesn’t do it justice, even if it’s a top of the line 1440x2560 pixel screen on your smartphone.

Check out Rolling Stone’s article on the top 100 album covers by it’s readers. Everyone of these album covers could be hung on the wall like they were on display in an art gallery. And unlike most art, many vinyl record covers are very satisfying to the touch.

Yup, many had raised lettering and images that you could actually feel. They also would make the jackets from different grades of cardboard giving them a unique tactile quality.

Try running your fingers across your computer screen while listening to Spotify… Doesn’t work and it’s kinda creepy.

Look, the debate about how vinyl sounds better than digital rages on (it does sound better by the way) but this is one area that vinyl wins hands down - vinyl records ARE art.

Happy crate digging.

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