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Vintage Vinyl Records Are Earth Friendly

I was thinking the other day of ways that I can ramp up my eco-lifestyle. We recycle (well we’re trying to, our city has several challenges in this area) we compost a lot of our waste and we are constantly working to reduce our waste. Then, of course, my thoughts turned to Amarillo’s funky little record store and then I had an “ah-ha” moment - vintage vinyl records are earth friendly!

I was ecstatic at this revelation. With the revival of vinyl records and their growing popularity, I hadn’t thought too much about the difference between new vinyl records and the old vintage vinyl that we sell. But vintage vinyl is so much more earth friendly than new.

Now I’m not suggesting that you not purchase the latest vinyl record from your favorite artist, not at all. However, I am saying that - Let’s take Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side Of The Moon as an example - a crate digging vinyl lover has two choices if they want to add this album to their record collection. One, buy a reissued new pressing - oh that new vinyl smell is intoxicating - OR hunt for a vintage version of the same album. Think about the impact that finding that vintage version of this amazing album will have on the planet. In my example, Dark Side Of The Moon was released in 1973 and pressed throughout the 70s - the environment already paid the price of its creation.

What an amazing green alternative - to revive something that might have spent decades in someone's attic instead of buying a newer one.

Happy crate digging!

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