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Holiday Warning: Tommy Boy Records Calls Out Amazon For Selling Counterfeit Vinyl Records

As we near the holiday shopping season, friends and family of record collectors will be shopping online to check off items on their loved ones lists. But Tommy Boy Records, known for incredible artists like De La Soul, Queen Latifah, Digital Underground and Coolio, has discovered that vinyl records that they have never pressed are being sold on Amazon by third parties. 

According to Tommy Boys president, Rosie Lopez: "Counterfeit is another issue altogether. Somehow records that Tommy Boy hasn’t pressed in – ever – are on sale on Amazon, that’s a little concerning."

A little concerning is right! With vinyl prices on average between $15 to $30, consumers should know that what they are paying for is the real deal. 

Amazon has released a statement saying:. "Amazon strictly prohibits the sale of counterfeit products and we invest heavily in both funds and company energy to ensure our policy is followed." 

And it stands to reason that if it's happening on Amazon, it's most likely all over the place. So when you get that special person in your life the record that they are dying for, we suggest this holiday season to support your local record store. 

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